"Score for the Power Cosmic" Deluxe 5 Song EP

by Jettison Cargo

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Jettison Cargo's "Score for the Power Cosmic" is the soundscape to an illusory screenplay titled "The Power Cosmic" which is based on the Marvel comic book character Galactus's relationship with his herald the Silver Surfer. The EP was released on 11/22/11 via AudioMassTransit.

From the creator, Jettison Cargo:
"I've worked on a lot of different live music projects as a musician but I have always had an interest in movie scores and what I generally call "cinema music." My natural fascination with space and cosmic phenomena go back to when I used to read comic books, and even before that really. The story of the all powerful Galactus and the Silver Surfer was always compelling to me because it deals so much with issues of free will, identity, and servitude. I wanted to do something that satisfied all of these particular urges floating around in my head and "Score for the Power Cosmic" was the product."

Scene I:
This scene starts with some introductory words from The Watcher then moves to Norrin Rad approaching Galactus to become his herald. Rad offers to seek out planets for Galactus to consume in exchange for his home planet of Zenn-La being spared form destruction.

Scene II (2:32):
Galactus decides to accept Rad's offer to become his herald and transforms him into the Silver Surfer by bestowing him with a portion of the power cosmic and wiping his memory of any traces of his former life on Zenn-La. This soundscape is that of a meticulous worksmith crafting his finest creation.

Scene III (7:53):
The Silver Surfer is released into the cosmos and after eons of service he begins to have flashes of his past life on Zenn-La and starts to ponder his own origins, motives and existence. This soundscape reflects the sounds of the cosmic currents that carry the Silver Surfer throughout the universe. These sounds span eons with each second of sound scaled to equal 2.7 million light years of Earth time.

Scene IV (13:10):
Act 1 - After faithfully satisfying the needs of Galactus for eons, the Silver Surfer gets lost in his own search for his true identity and fails to preemptively find a new planet for Galactus to consume.

Act 2 - The Surfer regains focus and finds a planet that will satisfy his maker's Great Hunger. He sends out the universal beacon to his master and watches the eviction of more of his planetary brothers and the subsequent consumption of their home planet.

Scene V (17:53):
After receiving flashes of his memory back, the Silver Surfer reminisces on the pleasures that await him when he is able to locate and reunite with his lost love on his former home planet, Zenn-La.



released November 22, 2011

All compositions written, performed, and arranged by Mikemetic for AudioMassTransit



all rights reserved


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